JAA011 - Brain Slug - Live In Power Promo Tape

It's been a couple years since NYC's Brain Slug have released new music, but the time in between releases wasn't wasted, it was spent crafting a beast of an LP.

Here in this promo tape is just a taste of their style of New York Hardcore, an amalgamation of all the various flavors from the past 30 years scraped off the streets of the city. Inspired both in part by heavy weights like The Cro-Mags or Agnostic Front, but equally as much by the likes of Straight Ahead and Youth of Today.

4 originals that will appear on the up coming LP and 2 bonus covers that are exclusive to the promo.

Get with it, cause You gotta LIVE IN POWER or you DIE LIKE A FOOL!

Stream "Checkmate"

pressing info:
cassette with lyric sheet
back detail

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