JAA001 - Turncoat - S/T Cassette

if you're not playing melodic hooks on long island, no one gives a shit about you. maybe that's why raging thrash-punk bands like turncoat don't get the time of day. these adolescent trouble makers started out as tricked out, played a lot of great sets to idiots standing around with their arms crossed, and and broke up before their time.

fortunately for you, they went down swinging and recorded 11 tracks of blitzkrieg hardcore in the vein of antidote, krakdown, and urban waste. turn this on, skate hard, and punch your life in the face; anything less is for suckers. be sure to check out their new and deceased projects: warthog, brain slug, fatal erection, & the men.

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pressing info:
150 o-card cassettes
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