Born Sinner – “Stagnation” b/w “Pressure Weighs” 7″


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The single that was stunted by a global pandemic!

Born Sinner returns, after being halted in the literal middle of a recording session, while working on “Pressure Weighs” and “Stagnation”, the two new(ish) killer tracks from the band. After much delay to be completed, and much delay at the plants, the band brings a new 7″, limited to 100.

Born Sinner blends their brand of crossover style from influences like “Best Wishes” and “Brightside” with a vocal delivery reminiscent of something from “Desperate Measures.” If you’re looking for plenty of groove, breaks, and shredding you won’t be disappointed here. Adorned in stellar artwork by Andy Fletcher, and hand stamped with care.

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 0.25 in

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